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College Recruiting Resources

Wanting to play at the next level is every player's goal (we hope)!  Becoming familiar with the baseball recruiting process is essential.  Knowing and understanding the rules, timelines, and how to be recruited is key.  We highly encourage our players and parents to educate themselves on this process and develop a plan that works for your family.  People can spend lots and lots of money trying to get recruited, but that isn't always necessary if you just educate yourself and have a plan.  It is encouraged that the parents are involved at the beginning, then relinquishing some freedom for the players to take more control as they become more engaged and responsible.  College coaches understand that the parents are involved, but want to talk primarily with the players.  Players need to be taking control of this process by their Junior year.  Sort of like going from drivers education classroom, to drivers permit, to getting your license and more freedoms.  Players need to learn what coaches are looking for, what grades are expected, and how to have good communication skills and leadership skills. 

Below are just a few resources to help with this journey.  Some are free & some have premiums, but primarily listed because their free content has some value in the education process.  These lists are small compared to what is all out there on the internet and I'm sure we'll be adding to, or editing, this page regularly according to our network of coaches and players advice.   

Websites with baseball recruiting information

Podcasts (found on all major podcast platforms)

Baseball Recruiting Confidential 

Keep Playing Baseball

Dugout Chatter (powered by Stick & Ball TV)

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